​Sharps Disposal in Sacramento County

Sharps include any needles or blades, regardless of whether they are biohazardous or not. Sharps shall be transported in approved sharps waste disposal containers to either the North Area Recovery Station Household Waste Drop-off Center or the City of Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Center for proper disposal.

How to Package Sharps for Disposal

  • If possible, use a container specifically rated for sharps which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Otherwise, use a strong plastic container that has a small opening on top with a screw cap lid to prevent spills. Examples include: a plastic bleach jug, plastic liquid detergent bottle or plastic milk jug. Do not use glass containers or lightweight plastic containers.
  • Sharps mail back services approved by the California Department of Public Health

For more sharps waste disposal options and other useful information, including a Medical Waste Disposal Directory, visit CalRecycle's Additional information on management of sharps.