Curbside Mixed Recycling

Blue Recycling Cart.png​Residents in our service area receive:

  • Curbside recycling collection service every-other week
  • Recycling carts in three sizes, 30, 60, or 90 gallons  
  • Different size carts upon request by completing a Customer​ Service online form.​
  • An additional cart available at no additional cost 

Acceptable Materials:

Recycling Glass without lids image Recycling Metal-Aluminum image Recycling Pagers image

Recycling Plastic Containers image Recycling Rigid Plastic Containers image

Brochure Curbside Collection Services 

Use our new "How do I get rid of" feature in the information box to the right to look up different types of materials to see if they are acceptable or unacceptable for your curbside collection cart.  


Removing recyclables from a curbside cart is considered scavenging and is a crime pursuant to Section 6.20.160 of the Sacramento County Code.  To report scavenging, call the Sacramento County Information hotline at 916-875-5656 or TDD 916-875-7105.